5 Creative Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques

5 Creative Commercial Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques

When you're trying to grow your prowess as a real estate investor, finding the right location is always an A+ move. You need to go where the opportunities are, and there are plenty in Texas' largest metro area.

The Dallas-Forth Worth area ranks 4th in population behind only the big three of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. What this means is that there are several industries setting up shop. These industries all rely on commercial real estate, so there are plenty of potential tenants in need of office space.

If you're going to beat out the competition, it takes some stellar marketing and advertising strategies. These steps will help you dust off your old property marketing and advertising strategies and give them a facelift.

1. Offer Timely Promotions

People don't often think of promotions when it comes to commercial real estate marketing. However, this market is filled with opportunities to give renters a great deal.

For instance, you might offer discounts on co-working spaces or reduced rent for one or two months. You could also have a promotion where you waive certain fees, deposit prices, or offer a premium unit at a regular price for a certain time. Use these promotions in conjunction with seasonal changes, ebbs and flows in tenant occupancy, or however you see fit.

2. Give Away Freebies

Discounts are one thing, but everybody loves free. This is still the case when it comes to commercial rentals. Consider putting together some branded merchandise that you can give out to help sell your properties.

You can give this swag out at open houses or any networking events in the city. Some great forms of branded merchandise you can put to use include t-shirts drinkware, executive pens, and other options. Make sure that your logo is prominently featured, with information on how people can get in touch.

3. Build Your E-Mail Marketing List

If you're looking into property marketing service for your commercial buildings, an e-mail list is a great strategy to use. Having an email list helps you draw people in, and stellar, consistent campaigns keep them.

Your emails can contain helpful business tips, advice on doing business in Dallas-Fort Worth, networking and professional events around the city, or whatever else fits. By providing value each week in people's email boxes, you increase your pool of potential future tenants.

4. Buy Some Creative Ad Space

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating your ads. The reason why real estate investment ads fall flat is because people go with the same humdrum approach.

Work with property management professionals that can help you come up with fresh and unique ad ideas. There are several pay-per-click (PPC) ads you can deploy across social media platforms and other outlets. They should all target your customer personas and hit the demographics that you are looking for.

5. Hit Social Media Hard

Engagement is king when it comes to marketing. Take to social media and make sure that you're having a conversation with your followers, instead of just posting information.

Recognize and appreciate this engagement and people will start to form a relationship with your brand. This way, even if certain professionals don't currently need workspace, they can refer you to others in their network. The next thing you know, you have a new pipeline of commercial property tenants.

The Best Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques

You'll always have a chance to succeed using these property marketing and advertising techniques.

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